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Cantori della Resurrezione, Italie

“Paris, as everybody says, is really a fantastic town. Thanks for your work, a perfect organisation, as always.


Mes lidosim, Lettonie

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful time we spent in Paris as well as for the excellent organisation of the festival and the fantastic concerts.



Olaus Petri Cantores, Suède


We had a lovely stay in Paris, thank you, the concerts worked well and we were so friendly received by the French choir members who had arranged for the pleasant cocktail after the friendship concert. My choristers were very satisfied and happy for all this, and we spoke a lot about it on our journey home! 



Coral Amatza, Spain


“Everything was very good yet our best memory will remain undoubtedly the concert at La Madeleine church, quite impressive from the entrance and we went out delighted. We are really happy we took part to this festival. Our guide was wonderful. We hope we will have other opportunities like this. We recommend festivals like this one to other choirs. We enjoyed the community and the organization. Thank you all!”



Coro Aula San Ivo, Spain


“On Saturday the 28th all the choirs gathered in the beautiful setting of La Madeleine church and we will keep a good memory of this magic moment when the doors opened during the final song offering a wonderful view of the Royale Street, la Concorde, the National Assembly …. and the Seine river.

We were very pleased with the organisation, our guide, the warm welcome we received from the choir of Villepinte, the farewell party. Many thanks this festival was a fantastic experience.”



Chorale des Abesses, France

“Many thanks for your warm welcome during the Choir Festival at La Madeleine and BRAVO for the bright organization”



Otsailan Choir, France

“Many thanks for all your services and this wonderful concert at the MADELEINE church. The stay was great and very much appreciated by all the singers.” (2012)



Bürgerschaftschöre Essen, Germany

“Our choir « Bürgerschaftschöre Essen » already took part to the International Choir Festival Paris in 2006. The final concert then took place at the Unesco palace. It was a great experience. This year, the final concert took place at the beautiful Madeleine church – simply splendid. Already at the Unesco palace the final concert was very satisfactory but at the Madeleine church it was really wonderful. We would be happy to take part to this festival once again.” (2012)



Corale San Gaudenzio, Italy

“In the name of the San Gaudenzio Choir, I would like to thank you for the great organisation of our travel on the occasion of the International Choir Festival in Paris.

It has been a very pleasant stay, which upbeat was for us to sing at the Unesco along with the other choirs, get the chance to compare our music to the others and discover other realities.

Best wishes and see you soon maybe!”



Chor der Humboldt-Universität, Berlin , Germany

“This travel to Parsi truly was a great event. Being in touch with the Rocquencourt Choir has been very enriching. That evening we experienced a great time of singing and sharing with both French and Catalan Choirs.”



Doroteakören, Sweden

“An outstanding experience!”



Nürnberger Singgemeinschaft – Nuremberg Community Choir,  Germany

“Here you have a try to form for what the politics finds little time for, namely that the nations don't define themselves only about their future economic growth. They show what has already grown and they can reveal in the exchange: their culture! To say it more exactly: their national choir culture! The organizers did everything to underline this meaning content.”



Volvene Stavanger, Norway

“Very professional organisation”



Gesangverein Schmalförden, Germany

“Many thanks for the organisation and care, all in an international atmosphere particularly impressive and striking.”



Corale San Michele – Bressanone, Italy

“We came back home filed with wonderful feelings and sounds. We are very pleased with the organisation of this event and would like again to congratulate the team of Music&Friends.”



Chor des Gerhard-Hauptmann-Gymnasium Zwickau, Allemagne

“The appearance at the host choir on Friday evening had a beautiful atmosphere, particularly after the program with snacks, beverages, singing and dancing. Swiss, but also the French and the Zwickauer showed their temperament and their readiness to step up to show their love for singing despite of the language barrier.”



Joy Singers Spiez, Switzerland

“The organisation, the all program and everything were just awesome!”



Bürgerschaftschor Essen-Stadtmitte, Germany

“We thank you for the unforgettable times we had during our stay in Paris.”